What Are Candles Made Of? Exploring the Different Materials

What Are Candles Made Of? Exploring the Different Materials

Candles have been illuminating our homes for centuries now, casting a warm and comforting glow. But have you ever wondered what goes into making these small sources of light?

Well, candles are made up of a mix of special materials that turn them into the charming objects we love. I mean picture the cozy glow in your room; that's the magic of candles. 

In this blog, we'll explore the different materials that a candle is made up of so that you can choose the one that suits your vibe. 

Wax Is the Main Ingredient

The primary ingredient in candles is wax. Wax provides the fuel that sustains the flame, allowing the candle to burn steadily. There are various types of wax used in candle-making, each with its unique characteristics.

Beeswax: Fragranced Wax

One natural and popular choice is beeswax. It's derived from the hard work of bees and gives off a subtle honey-like fragrance when burned. 

Beeswax candles are known for their clean and long-lasting burn, making them a favorite among candle lovers. 

Soy Wax: A Luxurious and Superior Wax

Soy wax is derived from the oils of soybeans. Its significant advantage lies in its complete renewability. Soy candles  have gained immense popularity due to their clean and slow burn. Additionally, since it's a vegetable-based wax, it does not leave any black soot that may stain walls. 

And these characteristics combined is what makes soy candles a superior wax. For those seeking high-quality soy candles, Threadbare Gypsy Soul emerges as one of the finest online sources available. Do check it out! 

Two Types of Microcrystalline Wax

Microcrystalline wax is another type commonly used in candles. It comes in two forms: high melt point and low melt point. The high melt point variety is ideal for pillar candles, while the low melt point is suitable for container candles. 

This wax type contributes to a smooth and shiny finish.

Paraffin Candles

Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum and is widely used in candle production. It's cost-effective and versatile, making it a popular choice for many candle makers.

Paraffin candles burn brightly and can hold a variety of colors and scents.

Stearic Acid

Stearic acid is often added to candle wax to enhance its hardness and opacity. This additive helps candles maintain their shape and structure, preventing them from becoming too soft or melting too quickly.


Vybar is a polymer additive used to modify the texture of the wax, giving it a more opaque appearance. It also helps improve the fragrance throw, allowing the candle to release a pleasant scent when burned.

UV Stabilizer

To protect candles from the degrading effects of ultraviolet (UV) light, a UV stabilizer may be added. This helps maintain the color and integrity of the candle over time, ensuring it remains visually appealing.

Polysorbate 80

Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifier that helps disperse fragrance oils evenly throughout the candle wax. This ensures a consistent scent release when the candle is burned.

Wick Is Made from Cotton or Wood

To explain it to you in short, a wick is like the guide, leading the way for the magic to happen. Most commonly crafted from either cotton or wood, these wicks play a crucial role in how our candles burn and the ambiance they create.

Cotton Wicks–

Cotton wicks are the classics. They offer a clean and steady burn, ensuring your candle lasts longer. Picture a smooth, even flame gently lighting up your room. That's the magic of a cotton wick – reliable, consistent, and perfect for those who enjoy a calm, unwavering glow.

Wooden Wicks–

The wooden wicks are the trendsetters of the candle world. These wicks add a touch of nature to your candle experience. It’s like the crackling sound of a fireplace – that's the symphony a wooden wick brings. It's like having a tiny campfire right in your living room, creating a cozy and rustic atmosphere.


Now that you know what candles are made of, you can appreciate the craftsmanship behind these timeless sources of light. Whether you prefer the natural elegance of beeswax or the versatility of paraffin, there's a candle out there to suit every preference. Light up your space and enjoy the warm glow of a well-crafted candle.


  • What is in candles? 

  • The main ingredients are wax and a wick, with additional additives like stearic acid, vybar, UV stabilizer, and polysorbate 80 for specific properties.

  • What are natural candles made of?
  • Natural candles can be made from beeswax, soy wax, or other plant-based waxes, providing a clean and environmentally friendly option.

  • What is wax made from?
  • Wax can be derived from various sources, including beeswax, soybean oil, palm oil, and petroleum-based paraffin.

  • What are candle wicks made of?
  • Candle wicks are typically made from cotton or wood, each offering unique burning characteristics. Cotton wicks provide a clean burn, while wooden wicks add a crackling ambiance.

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