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Vintage Glass Rescue

I love going to estate sales and estate salvage stores! They fill me with nostalgia, as so many things that I pick up and look at, remind me of my childhood playing in my great-grandparent's and grandparent's homes.  

You can really get a sense for who someone was by looking at the things they once treasured. I am always filled with respect and honored to be given the opportunity to look through and possibly purchase these once cherished objects.

It's also bittersweet knowing that when I leave the stores or the estate sales are over, there will be so many wonderful things left behind that once were treasured but now no one has room in their homes or hearts for. 

One of my favorite things to look for and collect is old vintage glass. My great-grandmother and my grandmother always had a cut glass dish with an equally exquisite cut glass lid filled with orange slices sitting on their coffee table. These weren’t real orange slices of fruit like the kind we guiltily cut up and served when it was our turn to bring the snack for our kid’s soccer game, these were the good kind! The kind you would find in bins in the grocery store isle that you had to bag yourself and weigh. The gooey, gummy kind, coated in sugar crystals!!! Side note, neither my great-grandparents nor grandparents had a lot of money, so I know they couldn’t afford that name brand candy that starts with B that used to be in every grocery store.

And their “exquisite cut glass candy dishes”, that I recall as a child, were probably just cheap knock-off versions that we had to lick hundreds of grocery store stamps and place in coupon books and redeem 15 books for one candy dish!

But hey that glue headache was totally worth it and now I am totally addicted!  Not to the glue… to the vintage glass… what kind of person do you think I am?! Well, I am the kind of person that is addicted to orange slices candy and vintage glass candy dishes but not the glue, I swear!

The other thing I like to look for and collect are old vintage ash trays. My Daddy said back in the day everyone had a box of cigarettes on their coffee table for guests, whether they smoked themselves or not, which most did. These were the days before anyone knew that cigarettes caused cancer. You know back when they encouraged women to smoke a cigarette in the hospital after giving birth to help calm the nerves! This is true people, look it up! 

 Not only do fewer people smoke nowadays but those who do, we have exiled to smoking outside. Gone are the days of smoking all day in the office, smoking all the way home from work with the windows rolled up, and smoking at home, inside your home, until you went to bed… and even sometimes in bed! I’m not saying I miss those days as a kid in the 70’s, being slowly poisoned and choked out by the enticing aroma of Pall Malls, but these were different times, where ashtrays were in every home and sometimes in every room! And now they litter the shelves of thrift stores and many get simply thrown away or recycled. The ashtray is of an era gone by, and an item no one uses nor needs anymore in a world of vapes and outside smoking exile.

Another side note, if you don’t know what Pall Malls are, then you were probably not a child of the 70s or 80s. If you were a child of the 70s or 80s and still don’t know what Pall Malls are, then I’m guessing you probably also owned a pair of Jordache or Guess jeans, that were NOT hand-me-downs, and your parents could afford to slowly kill you with the good stuff like Camels or Marlboros!

My apologies for the constant side notes people, but I really think they add context don’t you??  Side note: My oldest Son claims I have ADOS “Attention Deficit OOOOH SHINY”!  I have to agree with him right now and will stop side noting… I swear!

Now back to my point. whether I buy fifteen vintage glass pieces, one, or none, I always feel sad when I leave the stores or the sales are over and there are so many beautiful pieces left behind, that once were treasured but now no one has room in their homes or hearts for.

That's why I am on a mission to save every discarded and left behind piece of vintage glass! From candy dishes and teacups, to vintage goblets, and yes, even old ash trays and bring them new life and a chance to be treasured and loved again by turning them into beautiful vessels that hold the most luxurious soy candle you have ever owned!

That's right... repurposed, upcycled and straight from grandma's china cabinet and kitchen cupboards, we’re giving these timeless vintage glass pieces new purpose and a chance at being cherished and loved once more! Hand poured candles made from premium soy wax that is both vegan and kosher certified. Our eco friendly wicks are made from wood or braided cotton primed with vegetable wax making our candles truly all natural! No paraffin here people!

All of our Vintage Glass Candles come carefully and beautifully wrapped. Safe for shipping and travel without breaking while beautifully wrapped inside, perfect for gifting to a friend or to yourself! And they are refillable! 

Refill your vintage vessel with the premium soy candle scent of your choice, as many refills as you want, with our vintage glass candle refill subscription! Once your candle has burned down and cooled, simply scan the QR code on the bottom of your candle, select your refill scent and submit. Save your packaging and send your vintage vessel back to us. We will clean, refill, repackage and send back to you to enjoy all over again! 

Check out our beautiful collection of Vintage Glass Candles and order yours today before your favorite is gone!




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