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Easy Easter Egg Napkin Fold How To

Hi Y'all! Spring is almost here and I am so excited! 

It's only the day after Valentine's Day and we are planting potatoes in the garden and getting out our Easter and Spring decor. 

Of all the areas in your home to decorate, your dining table can make the most impact since there is so much surface area. However, you can really get carried away with too much clutter and too much cliché if not careful. That's why I LOVE this simple napkin folded napkin around an egg to resemble bunny ears. Very festive without being over-the-top.

Step 1 - Get our your linen napkins. 

Linen Napkin


Any linen napkin will work. Even ones that you may have used for Christmas or other seasonal decorating, as the way we will roll these babies will most likely hide any decoration on the napkin.

I chose these simple linen napkins that I got from Amazon because I love the delicate lace trim. 

Step 2 - Lay out your napkin with the tag side up and fold into a triangle.

Folded napkin into triangle
Folded napkin in triangle shape

Step 3 - Turn the napkin so that the pointed end is facing toward you and begin rolling.

Turned napkin point down

Roll fairly tightly especially if you have a large napkin and/or your eggs on on the smaller side. 

Roll napkin
Roll napkin

Step 4 - When you have rolled the napkin all the way to the top flip it over so that the open part of the flap will face down towards the table.

Rolled linen napkin
Rolled napkin
Rolled linen napkin

Step 5 - Place your egg in the center of the rolled napkin and pinch "the ears" together.

Rolled napkin around egg

Step 6 - Use jute string or even a ribbon to tie your ears together around the egg tightly. 

Tying string around napkin

I used jute string because I wanted to keep it very simple and classic. Therefore I flipped it over and tied the string tightly in the back and cut off any excess string. If using a colorful ribbon you could chose to tie your ears together from the front and form a small bow. (If you are wondering what that weird clear loop is on my egg, I used Egg ornaments. I was going to use real eggs from our hens but did I mention it is only the day after Valentine's Day. We have a long way to go to Easter people and while we keep our fresh eggs room temperature we generally consume them within a couple of weeks not months!) As of March 5th we will have bags of decorative eggs in an assortment of colors for only $10.00! 24 eggs come with each bag!

Step 7 - Lay them on your table and let their cute little ears fall naturally. 

This one's ears wanted to lay relatively straight.

Napkin folded around egg to resemble bunny ears

While these two wanted to cock one ear to the side.

Bunny ear folded napkin with egg
Easter napkin bunny ear folded around egg

You could even draw a cute little bunny face on the eggs with a chalk marker or paint pen. Again, I chose to go simple and classic but have fun with it and send us pics of the Easter tablescapes you create this Spring!

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