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Elegant Easter Decorating Ideas

How can you elegantly decorate your home for Spring and Easter, without looking like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory blew up during a Peep’s production?


Here are some timeless and elegant decorating ideas that are perfect for Easter but also subtle and classic for all year round.

Bold Statement Pieces 

A bunch of small, random, seasonal items thrown together can clash rather than compliment. Instead of a bunch of small decor items, choose a few larger items that make a bold statement rather than looking like Easter exploded in your home.

These whitewashed birds are big and bold. As you can see, just one of them is larger than my hand!

white decorative farmhouse bird larger than person's hand that is holding it

Place them on a riser and pair with a simple plant for pure Easter elegance! The genius to decorating with these two large farmhouse whitewashed birds is while they are perfect for Easter, you can use them to decorate all summer long. Pair with a Poinsettia for Christmas and use them in your Holiday decor as well.

two large white farmhouse decorative birds on riser in front of Azella plant

These larger than life painted eggs bring a larger than life artistic flare to your Spring and Easter decor! 

Use moss to shape into nests and display these extra large eggs "nesting" in a wooden cheese mold. 

Bring the Outside In

Garden decor is typically larger, and sometimes cheaper, than decor made for inside the home. You can make a big statement indoors by using decor made for the outdoors. Sitting at 21" tall and lazily laying at 20" long, these two fabulous hares will bring an elegant but impactful statement to your Spring and Easter decor!

two farmhouse white large rabbits with one sitting and one laying

 Simple Touches Create Big Impact

Something as simple as decorative pillows can make a big statement without much effort or expense. 

Easter bunny peeps pillow

Lastly Cute Doesn’t have to be Cliché

Pair cutesier (is that even a word??) decor with natural elements such as wood carved risers and real plants or flower cuttings.

Now go forth and decorate for Easter with class and elegance! Be sure and share your pics and other tips and hints for elegant Easter decorating with us. 


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